5 Ways to Make Healthier Cookies

While making a healthier cookie may not sound as enticing as making a cookie full of sugars, fats, or sweet candy, it is feasible to make a healthy cookie that tastes delicious. It may be difficult to believe, but there are healthy ingredients and substitutions that can be added to cookies so that they retain their flavour while being less unhealthy. Simple adjustments to your family cookie recipe can help you stick to your diet while also providing you with just the right amount of sweetness to get you through to your next meal.

Cookies do not have to be completely eliminated from your diet because so many individuals are adopting healthier lifestyles. Instead, try the following suggestions for making healthier cookies for your family.

Fruit and nuts should be used.

Many people love chocolate chip cookies, but the recipe calls for flour, butter, and sugar. Sugar is also present in the chips themselves. Using fruit and nuts in cookie recipes is a better method to get a snack that is also healthy. One alternative is to make cookies with mixed fruits and nuts. This variation has apricots, dates, coconut, macadamia nuts, and pistachios.

Coconut Sugar should be used.

Blood sugar levels can be spiked by regular table sugar. Coconut sugar does not make such a significant difference. If you desire a healthier and more helpful component in your cookie recipe, coconut sugar can be used instead.

Make the switch to vegan

A vegan version is also far better for your health. It's even possible to make a vegan chocolate chip cookie. It contains less fat because it does not contain eggs, milk, or butter. No milk is used in the production of vegan chocolate chips.

Try using oat flour

Oat flour is a healthier alternative to the common all-purpose flour found in supermarkets. Using a modest amount of flour combined with whole rolled oats can also be used to make a healthier cookie. Another option is spelt flour. Wheat is used to make it. These options include fibre and nutrients that are lacking in white, bleached flour.
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